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What is CARED?

CARED is a mobile app for a Multilingual Wide View Disaster Information Prediction System. Based on affected people’s response to simple questions in an app on their cell phones, disaster damage is visually displayed on a map. The damage levels are plotted according to severity as red (most severe), yellow, or green (least severe) dots on a map. To predict damage and assist in emergency aid planning, the information can also be organized into data collated by each municipality. CARED was developed by the Revitalizing and Enriching Society through Pluralism, Equity, and Cultural Transformation (RESPECT) program at Osaka University led by Professor Stefano Tsukamoto and piloted in Yogyakarta in partnership with the Department of International Relations, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The system is currently available in 8 languages (Indonesian, Javanese, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese).


Ensure your safety, anywhere and anytime. Brochures of CARED is available in 3 languages:



Bahasa Indonesia


Please click here for further information about CARED. Detailed information about CARED is also available in 6 other languages, you may see the link below:
Bahasa Indonesia

Module for CARED Training

The module can be downloaded here.


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